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Dario Vieira, better known as Porchy, is an urban artist & music producer from Portugal. A versatile jack of all trades yet a perfectionist, Porchy effortlessly straddles the divide between hip-hop and r'n'b, spits vicious grime over trap beats and uses his exceptional talent as a singer to create highly melodic hooks. Having worked as a music producer with some of the biggest names in the music industry including MAXIM from THE PRODIGY and THE SCRIPT, Porchy has over the years accumulated, mixed and molded a variety of influences to create his own unique sound.

Born in Lisbon (PT) and raised in East London (UK) Porchy developed an understanding for music as soon as he reached his teens and has been heavily involved in the international music scene over the last 7-8 years. He has certainly come a long way since first joining a performing arts course at Suffolk New College in Ipswich at age 15. Porchy currently resides in Moscow, Russia, where he is an in-house producer for OXXXYMIRON, one of the most successful and influential Eastern European urban artists. At the same time he is working on his own music and a variety of other projects. Over the last years alone Porchy has collaborated with UK grime titans GHETTS, P-MONEY and SHYSTIE, Canadian hip-hop veteran MADCHILD; Polish rap superstars POPEK and MATHEO; and many others.

In May 2016, Porchy released his first solo project, the KING MIDAS mixtape, which received unanimously positive feedback for its musical versatility and international flavour, featuring guest appearances from 5 different countries.


Porchy is also a part of a new duo called TH3 HOOK alongside his accomplice AMERIQA. Since a first sneak preview in September 2016, this project has been getting a lot of attention in Eastern Europe and is bound to raise pulses in early 2017 with the release of their debut album.

Alongside all of this Porchy is a successful live DJ, a music video creator, and also runs CAS (Caught a Star), his own international music production team consisting of Loqiemean (RU), A. Beatz (LV), Naldo (UK), FMX (PT), Sillins Beats (LV), Spliff(PT) and himself. Since its creation in 2013, the CAS camp has worked on a variety of critically acclaimed projects including OXXXYMIRON's milestone album 'Gorgorod' (#1 on the Russian iTunes charts for 2 consecutive weeks), and is still recruiting new producers.


1. Intro/Fake ft Bispo

2. Diablo ft British Rich

3. 1703

4. Pyramid ft Jacques Anthony

5. Cocaina

6. We ain't leaving ft Ka-Tet & Wuzet

7. Hide out ft Zeph Ellis

8. Jet Li

9. King Midas

10. Alive & Well ft Jerome Da Chef & DOPExBROKE

11. Muzyka to ft Popek & Matheo

12. Shottaz ft Damien

13. Tired of you

14. Pipes ft Oxpa

15. Only God

16. Alien Invasion ft ATL

17. Stay close ft Sacha Claxton

18. Hell

19. Not for the Image

20. Flashback ft Oxxxymiron


1. Explicit Exquisite

2. Th3 Hook

3. 100

3. Lift

4. Unfinished Business

6. Serious

7. Yin (Interlude)

8. Weed & Liquer (feat. Atl)

9. Otw

10. Pass out (feat. Bumblebeezy)

11. Eastside (feat. O.T.)

12. Oh My (feat. British Rich)

13. Yang (Interlude)

14. 4 Seasons

15. Say No More




CAS (Caught a Star) is a music production company consisting of 7 producers: Porchy (UK), Loqiemean (RU), A. Beatz (LV), Naldo (UK), FMX (PT), Sillins Beats (LV), Spliff(PT) for now. This production camp was created in 2013 and Is still recruiting.

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